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6/28/2018 I just wanted to let you know that I passed. I was the only one taking the exam that day for which I was grateful. When I pressed the button and passed, the guy wondered if I was crying because I was happy. Whoopee! It's done. Now I can get to my golfing. Thank you Linton. Your site was fun!
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6/28/2018 I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website and know it is the reason I passed! Yippee! Definitely the exam tips and secrets of passing were extremely helpful. It was not so much the questions themselves but the format and understanding the way the questions would be presented that was so useful to me. Thank you!
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1/19/2018 Dear Dr. Hutchison, I passed my licensure exam!!!!!!! Thank you for all of the help on-line. Really, I cannot tell you how useful the information was for the exam. Just practicing restraint in choosing only the correct answers was very valuable.
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3/20/2019 Hi Thank you for providing a comprehensive study guide for the NCMHCE. I studied religiously and passed the exam on my first try. I would recommend this site for anyone preparing to take this exam. Thank you!
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7/13/2016 Hello Dr. Hutchinson I passed my exam (Finally) Thanks for your website.
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4/2/2018 Hi from NC, I just took the exam on March 2018, and I didn't pass. I passed the counseling piece but didn't pass the VOCATIONAL information. On my test, the vocational information was the majority of the test. Yes... It would make since to study the RHAB information, but when taking the full-length test or 30-minute test, the vocational information is limited, which would lead you to think otherwise. I studied and practiced all the material which was a big mistake. This site provides a lot of useful information that I would like to use in the work field or a classroom environment. I wouldn't recommend using this tools as a study guide for the CRC exam in which the company advertised. I literally walked out of the exam thinking that I wasted my time studying. For the next test, I will use different study material that isn't as expensive and consumed with a lot of unrelated information. I purchased the 30-day subscription. Another thing that's concerning is the testimony page didn't disclose the dates the testimonies were posted. There are 52, 5-star rating, how old are they?
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