Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the study material cost?
How much does it cost to extend my current subscription?
What are group rates?
How much is shipping for CDs and hardcopy study guides?
How much does it cost to resubscribe?
What's the password to open my study guide or tidbits pdf file?
I ordered a paperback study guide, and I'm having trouble with my order.
I ordered a pdf study guide and/or tidbits, and I can't find it.
How can I convert my pdf study guide to an e-reader compatible version?
How do I update my mobile app?
How do I use the Mobile App?
What's your refund policy?
We offer a no-questions-asked refund policy for all subscription purchases within 7 days. For one-week subscriptions, refunds must be requested within 2 days of purchase. Digital items (Tidbits, PDF e-book study guide, and digital CDs) and paperback study guide are non-refundable. Subscription purchases that include digital extras and/or paperback study guide will be refunded minus the cost of the digital extras and paperback. Audio CDs may be refunded and must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
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